Symbol AP 82ХХ

Партномер Описание
AP-8222-67030-WR AP-8222 – The new 802.11ac AP 8222 offers the same RF speed advantages as the AP-8232 in a non-modular aethetically pleasing enclosure that includes built in antennas.
AP-8232-67040-WR AP8232:802.11AC INDEP 2-RAD EXT ANT; WR


Партномер Описание
AP-PSBIAS-2P3-ATR Single-port High Power Gigabit 802.3at Power Injector
AP-PSBIAS-2P2-AFR 802.3af Power Supply/Injector; 100-250 VAC. Requires Power Cord.
50-16000-220R AC Line Cord, 1.8M, grounded, three wire CEE 7/7plug. Associated Countries: Europe, Abu Dhabi, Bolivia, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Korea, Russia, Vietnam.

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